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String instruments

Workshop 5

Monday-Friday   8.30 – 14.00

                             17.30 – 21.00

Saturday             8.30 – 14.00

Opening hours

Anastasios Potamitis was born and grew up the region of Selino, Chania.
From a young age he had a talent in constructions giving life to materials. His love for music instruments made him study the material of wood and some time later he built his first string instruments. Having roots not only to Crete but also to Anatolia gave to his instruments a special sound.
This trip (in the craft of instrument making) started in 2000 and in 2015 he moved at Verekinthos. His craft focuses on cretan traditional string instruments such as lyra, lute, mandoline, mantola, but also folklore such as mpouzouki, tzouras and mpaglamas. 

He also repairs and makes service in old string instruments.

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